IUPESM Survey on integrated MP and BME departments

The International Union of Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine (IUPESM) established in 1980 represents over 100,000 medical physics and biomedical engineering professionals. IUPESM has just created a Task Group (TG) on Integrated medical physics and biomedical engineering actions. The purpose is to determine the status of joint departments, programs, actions, and achievements of integrated actions of these two specialties in a large part of the world. The TG is Co-Chaired by Prof. Andrew Nisbet and the President of IUPESM, Dr Madan Rehani. The structure of the TG can be seen at:

Structure of the TG

The TG has prepared a survey questionnaire that is available at:

Survey questionnaire

Ethical approval for the collection and processing of data acquired from this survey has been approved by the University College London Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Ethics committee (Ethics ID: 26203/001).

It is being circulated to joint departments and official channels of two constituent organizations of IUPESM, namely the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) and the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE).

You are requested to provide your inputs using the link above. Please note, you are under no obligation to participate or complete this survey. Participation is entirely voluntary. However, your participation would be greatly appreciated, as the results from this will provide an insight into the workings of departments globally. These findings will be used both for developing a strategy by IUPESM for strengthening the subject of medical physics and biomedical engineering, and for a journal publication to disseminate the findings to our community.

The deadline for this survey is 30th April 2024.

Please note that once a response has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn. As such, the questions of the survey have been provided as a pdf for you to view prior to participating in the survey. If a response is incomplete or has not been submitted before the deadline of this survey, it will automatically be deleted by the software.

Thank you for your participation,

Andrew Nisbet and Madan Rehani
Co-Chairs of the Task Group