A new Special Interest Group (SIG) in “Artificial Intelligence”

Os transmitimos este mensaje que nos ha pedido la EFOMP, esperamos que sea de vuestro interés!

Please find below a call for members to join the EFOMP Special Interest Group in ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

We kindly ask you to distribute this announcement and invite your members to apply by the 30th of May 2024 in order to attend the kick-off meeting in early June.

Call on EFOMP website

Contact person is Dimitris Visvikis, projectscommittee@efomp.org.

I wish to also remind you that applications can be sent anytime to join the other other EFOMP SIGs listed here : There will be a chance to meet some of our SIGs during ECMP 2024! More details to follow.

EFOMP Special Interest Group for “Radionuclide Internal Dosimetry”

EFOMP Special Interest Group for “Early Career Medical Physicists”

EFOMP Special Interest Group for «Dental Imaging»

EFOMP Special Interest Group for «Particle Therapy»

Kick off meeting for Particle Therapy will be announced soon.