Advanced techniques for enhancing image quality in CT

Advanced techniques for enhancing image quality in CT: Model observers as an approach to assess iterative reconstruction and spectral CT. 6-10 mayo 2019. Lausanne (Suiza). Fase online: desde 1 febrero 2019.

A practical challenge to be solved: how to assess image quality by means of a test object? Apply model observers?

Importance and impact of the training module: CT is increasingly used, with associated a substantial impact on the medical exposure in general. Recent years have seen many new evolutions, such as iterative reconstruction and intelligent tube modulation that potentially reduce the dose, but affect image quality too. The effect of these techniques has to be monitored and assessed with clinically relevant measures. New measures, such as model observers, are being developed today but most of them are not yet validated for 3D imaging, like CT.

Project partner: prof. F. Verdun, expert in both CT and model observers, CHUV (partner 9).