IMRT and Other Highly Conformal Techniques in Practice

IMRT and Other Highly Conformal Techniques in Practice. 2-6 Junio 2019. Budapest (Hungría).


The course is aimed at radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists involved in the implementation and clinical use of advanced techniques in their departments. Basic knowledge of radiation oncology and radiation physics is a prerequisite, some experience in CT-based treatment planning is highly beneficial. The registrants will preferably be ‘graduates’ of the ESTRO course on Physics for Modern Radiotherapy or an equivalent training in radiation physics. Simultaneous participation of a physicist and/or a clinician and/or a radiation therapist from the same institute is encouraged.


To present and discuss:
•  The scientific basis of IMRT and highly conformal radiation techniques
•  The technical aspects of treatment preparation and treatment delivery
•  Dose calculation and the quality assurance process
•  Inverse planning optimisation and its practical implementation
•  The latest developments in IMRT irradiation modalities
•  The clinical aspects of IMRT, including clinical outcomes/site-specific issues/normal tissue tolerance
•  The relation between IMRT and other advanced radiotherapy techniques (e.g. IGRT and adaptive therapy).