Basic clinical radiobiology

Dublín (Irlanda)

Basic clinical radiobiology. 15-19 Septiembre, 2018. Dublín (Irlanda).


The course is aimed at:
•  Trainees in radiotherapy
•  Radiation oncologists who lack basic radiobiological science or who want to update their knowledge (i.e. for CME)
•  Medical physicists who wish to familiarise themselves with this field
•  Physicians from other disciplines administering ionising radiation
•  Radiation therapists (RTTs)


•  A series of basic lectures introducing molecular and clinical radiobiology
•  Mechanisms and models or radiation cell killing
•  The linear-quadratic approach to fractionation
•  Molecular basis of radiation response
•  Radiobiology and tolerance of normal tissues to (re)treatment
•  Alternative fractionation schedules in radiotherapy
•  Tumour hypoxia and the microenvironment
•  Combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy
•  The volume and dose-rate effect in radiotherapy
•  Biological response modifiers (tumours, normal tissues) and molecular approaches to therapy
•  Protons and other particles in radiotherapy
•  Radiation-induced malignancies

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