3rd ESTRO Physics workshop – Science in development.

3rd ESTRO Physics workshop – Science in development. 25-26 Octubre 2019. Budapest (Hungría).

After the success of the last two editions of the ESTRO physics workshop, Science in development, the ESTRO Physics Committee is delighted to announce the third edition to be held in the city of Budapest, Hungary, beginning 09:00 am Friday 25 October and ending 16:15 pm Saturday 26 October 2019.

This workshop offers opportunities beyond what ESTRO offers in educational and scientific meetings. It aims at facilitating scientific and professional networking opportunities within the ESTRO physics membership, physicists working in other areas and furthermore, and to create close interaction with developers in companies. It is the perfect forum to share projects in their very initial state, that would benefit from discussions with colleagues We believe that by promoting these interactions we will capture scientific developments that could be applied and have a real impact on the cure for cancer.

The Physics committee reminds potential participants that:

  • The workshop is neither a regular meeting based on invited talks and proffered papers, nor a teaching course.
  • The aim of the Physics workshop is to facilitate scientific and professional networking opportunities within the ESTRO physics membership, with physicists working in other areas and with developers in companies.
  • The program will often combine invited talks by leading scientists as well interactive participation by delegates through short pitches to share thoughts, and work in progress on the topic theme.
  •  Participants register for one single topic. The number of participants per topic will be limited to stimulate   lively discussion and  guarantee interaction

As the aim of the workshop is to promote collaboration between participants, each topic will have ample time for discussion facilitated by the moderators, who drive the discussion to reach deliverables at the end of the workshop and provide a list of possible future actions on their topic to move it forward. Concrete outcomes may e.g. be initiatives for new collaborative research or writing together a scientific paper or guideline. We hope that, as in previous editions, the workshop will contribute to establishing long term collaborations through ESTRO.

For this year the topics offered are:

  1. Computational methods for clinical target volume definition
    Chairs: Jan Unkelbach & Ben Heijmen
  2. Multi-source data fusion for decision support systems in radiation oncology: opportunities, methodologies, standardizations and clinical translation  
    Chairs: Alberto Traverso & Kathrine Røe Redalen
  3.  Implementation/commissioning/QA of artificial intelligence techniques 
    Chairs: Wouter van Elmpt & Dirk Verellen
  4.  Clinical applications and quality assurance of surface guided radiation therapy 
    (in collaboration with AAPM)
    Chairs: Vania Batista & Hania Al-Hallaq
  5. Plan Quality assessment: dose distribution and robustness metrics  
    Chairs: Christian Rønn Hansen & Lamberto Widesott

We look forward to your participation.

With warm regards,

Núria Jornet

Chair, 3rd Physics workshop