Image-Guided Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Gynaecological Cancer

Image-Guided Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Gynaecological Cancer: Focus on MRI Based Adaptive Brachytherapy. 12-16 Octubre 2019. Cluj (Rumanía).


This course will offer two parallel tracks tailored to intermediate and experienced levels.  You will just have to choose the one made for you… Mark your calendars!

The course is aimed at radiation and gynaecology oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists (RTTs) involved in gynaecological tumour treatments, interested in the implementation of EBRT and brachytherapy image guidance. Course participants should have specific interest in and/or initial experience with implementation of advanced MRI based brachytherapy and advanced EBRT techniques (IMRT/IGRT). The course offers both a “General track” and an “Experienced track” to meet different levels of clinical experience.


The course aims to:
•  Teach about principles of 3D image-based EBRT and brachytherapy including techniques and treatment planning
•  Provide understanding of commissioning, quality assurance, principles of planning, plan evaluation and reporting of 2D and 3D brachytherapy in cervical cancer
•  Introduce 3D image-based target concepts of GTV, CTV and PTV including both EBRT and brachytherapy in cervical cancer
•  Enable practical implementation of 3D techniques in EBRT and brachytherapy in cervical cancer
•  Provide an overview on the radiation therapy (external radiation and brachytherapy) in cervical cancer.
•  Enhance the practical implemention and logistics in the existing environment.
•  Provide further roadmap and steps of intervention to improve the existing standards.