Physics for modern radiotherapy

Budapest (Hungría)

Physics for modern radiotherapy. 9-13 Septiembre, 2018. Budapest, (Hungría).


The course is primarily aimed at:
•  Trainees in radiation oncology or radiation physics
•  Radiation oncologists and medical physicists early in their career


The lectures aim to:
•  Provide knowledge and understanding of physics relevant to modern clinical radiotherapy
•  Provide comprehensive overviews of imaging and volume concepts in radiotherapy
•  Discuss modern dose delivery techniques, such as IMRT, rotational therapy (VMAT, helical tomotherapy), S(B)RT, IGRT, adaptive therapy (ART), particle therapy and brachytherapy
•  Discuss safety issues in lectures on commissioning and QA/QC, radiation protection, in vivo dosimetry and induction of secondary tumours.

Complimentary to the lectures, this course has clinical case discussions as an important component. The case discussions aim at teaching physics by practical application in treatment planning.

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