Particle Therapy

Particle Therapy. 18-22 Marzo 2019. Groningen (Holanda).


The course is aimed at radiation oncologists, medical physicists and professionals in allied fields, including trainees interested in particle therapy. Basic knowledge of radiation oncology and radiation physics are prerequisites. The course targets individuals who are either directly involved in a clinical particle therapy project, already practice particle therapy, or who desire to update their knowledge on particle therapy.



The course aims to:
•  Provide a detailed overview of the clinical rationale and indications of particle therapy, and the status of supporting medical evidence including status of clinical trials
•  Make understandable the distinguishing features of particle therapy compared to other radiotherapy modalities
•  Deepen knowledge of physical, biological, and technical aspects of particle therapy implementation in clinical practice
•  Teach particle treatment systems, dosimetry, treatment delivery, treatment planning and to learn about the latest technological developments in particle therapy
•  Share challenges of particle centre projects in different health care environments.