Clinical practice and implementation of image-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy

Oporto (Portugal)

Clinical practice and implementation of image-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy. 2-6 Septiembre, 2018. Oporto (Portugal).


The course is aimed at all professionals in the field of radiation oncology, who are involved in the clinical practice of SBRT and cranial SRS at any point in the treatment chain: radiation oncologists, physicists and radiation therapists (RTTs) with a dedicated focus on SBRT and SRS. The course targets individuals who are currently at the planning stage of establishing a clinical stereotactic programme, and also those who already have a current stereotactic practice. The importance of integrating all professionals into a team will be highlighted.


This course aims to:
•  Inform about the historical background and development of cranial radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic- body radiotherapy (SBRT)
•  Illustrate the radiobiological consequences of hypo-fractionated, inhomogeneous dose distributions.
•  Discuss the practice of frame-less image-guided versus frame-based stereotactic cranial radiosurgery.
•  Identify potential sources of uncertainties in the work-flow of SBRT: imaging, target delineation, motion compensation, treatment planning, treatment delivery and treatment evaluation
•  Offer an overview of available treatment planning and delivery technologies and how to integrate these in clinical practice of SBRT

•Compare available technologies and help define applicability for particular use
•  Give an evidence-based review on potential indications for SBRT: early stage NSCLC, primary and secondary liver metastases, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, vertebral metastases, oligometastases, re-irradiation
•  Give an overview of normal-tissue toxicity, tolerability and radiological changes in SBRT •Teach how to establish and implement a safe and clinical programme for SBRT.

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