Advanced Skills in Modern Radiotherapy

Advanced Skills in Modern Radiotherapy. 17-21 mayo 2020. Viena (Austria).

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

Appreciate where modern radiation therapy is at with respect to pre-treatment imaging and target definition, treatment planning and image guidance

  • Appreciate the importance of knowledge of the entire treatment chain of radiation therapy
  • Comprehend and calculate geometrical uncertainties and margins
  • Comprehend the physics of image registration and its influence on clinical image registration
  • Appreciate the importance of quality assurance.

Course Content

  • Pre-treatment imaging modalities: what is available and how is it used in target definition?
  • Patient preparation and immobilisation: what is (im)possible and is it still important in modern radiation therapy?
  • Imaging modalities in the treatment room: what is available and how can it be used to find the target volume?
  • Geometrical uncertainties and correction strategies: what are the uncertainties in modern radiation therapy and how do correction strategies affect PTV margins? How to calculate your own margins (workshop)
  • Image registration and evaluation: how to make the best use of the images at hand
  • Understanding algorithms, regions of interest, correction reference points: how to create protocols for IGRT management (workshops and hands-on)
  • Site specific advanced treatment and IGRT techniques
  • Safety issues: the importance of incidence reporting and a feedback loop
  • Implementing and managing advanced treatment techniques: how to implement new gained skills in your department in a multidisciplinary environment.


Before commencing this course participants should have an interest in all steps of radiation therapy. All delegates are expected to take part in all lectures, tutorials and workshops.