Cursos ya realizados

  • Imaging for physicists

    FINALIZADO (23/09/2018)

    Viena (Austria) Imaging for physicists. 23-27 Septiembre, 2018. Viena (Austria). TARGET GROUP The course is aimed at trainees in radiotherapy physics, researchers and also more experienced radiotherapy physicists with an interest in the application of advanced imaging techniques in their radiotherapy practice. COURSE AIM/RATIONALE The course aims to: • ...

  • Advanced treatment planning

    FINALIZADO (23/09/2018)

    Atenas (Grecia) Advanced treatment planning. 23-27 Septiembre, 2018. Atenas (Grecia). TARGET GROUP The course is aimed primarily at staff involved in advanced treatment planning in their daily routine, preferably with at least two years of experience. This is designed not only for radiation therapists (RTTs) but also for physicists...

  • Reunión Grupo Español de Braquiterapia SEFM-SEOR

    FINALIZADO (05/10/2018)

    El día 5 de octubre de 2018 tendrá lugar en Móstoles (Madrid) la reunión anual de consenso GEB SEOR-SEFM centrado en el tema de la braquiterapia vaginal postoperatoria.   Enlace al programa preliminar

  • Advanced brachytherapy Physics

    FINALIZADO (07/10/2018)

    Advanced brachytherapy physics. 7-10 Octubre, 2018. Valencia. TARGET GROUP The course is primarily designed for medical physicists interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of brachytherapy physics. A basic background in the sub-specialty is required, as supported by (preferably) at least one year of experience in clinical practice,...

  • 2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop

    FINALIZADO (26/10/2018)

    2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop. 26-27 Octubre 2018. Málaga. This workshop offers opportunities beyond what ESTRO offers in educational and scientific meetings. It aims at facilitating scientific and professional networking opportunities within the ESTRO physics membership, physicists working in other areas and furthermore, create close interaction with developers in companies....

  • Positioning and Immobilisation for Radiotherapy

    FINALIZADO (03/11/2018)

    Online + Viena Positioning and Immobilisation for Radiotherapy. 3-4 Noviembre, 2018. Online desde Octubre 2018. Sesiones prácticas en Viena (Austria). TARGET GROUP The target audience for this course are RTTs who need to develop or improve their knowledge and practical skills in patient positioning and immobilisation for modern radiotherapy techniques. This...

  • Comprehensive Quality Management in Radiotherapy – Risk Management and Patient Safety

    FINALIZADO (04/11/2018)

    Atenas (Grecia) Comprehensive Quality Management in Radiotherapy – Risk Management and Patient Safety. 4-7 Noviembre, 2018. Atenas (Grecia). TARGET GROUP The course is aimed at radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation technologists, quality managers and any other health professional interested in risk management and patient safety. Background This course is...

  • Practical and theoretical radiotherapy physics course

    FINALIZADO (06/11/2018)

    Course overview This course provides the necessary practical and theoretical background for the support of a radiotherapy physics service within radiotherapy. It is aimed primarily at recently qualified radiotherapy physicists, but should also be invaluable to post-graduate students, researchers, clinical oncologists, engineers, radiographers, manufacturers’ representatives and in fact, anyone...

  • Registro y gestión de dosis a pacientes en procedimientos radiológicos

    FINALIZADO (22/11/2018)

    El próximo 22 de noviembre se va a celebrar la Jornada anual y la Asamblea General Ordinaria de la Sociedad Andaluza de Radiofísica Hospitalaria (SARH) 2018 en el Parador de Antequera (Málaga). La temática de la jornada será  «Registro y gestión de dosis en procedimientos radiológicos». Más información e...

  • 6th GEC-ESTRO Workshop

    FINALIZADO (29/11/2018)

                6th GEC-ESTRO Workshop. 29-30 Noviembre 2018. Bruselas (Bélgica). Enlace al programa “Performing Optimal Brachytherapy” At the end of November 2017 the GEC-ESTRO Workshop was successfully held for the fifth time in Rome, Italy. Planned by the GEC-ESTRO Committee and organised by the ESTRO...